publications and articles

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St Patrick’s Cathedral Melbourne 27 July - 13 August 2000
Catalogue with John Rogan

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lectures and papers

“Liturgical Re-ordering in Historic Churches”
Arthur Andronas, Faith in our Fabric Forum, Victorian Council of Churches and Heritage Victoria
Mackillop Centre, East Melbourne, 23 June 2009

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Arthur Andronas, International Specialised Skills Conference,
Como House, October 2007

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Arthur Andronas, Illuminating Engineers’ Society of Australia,
June 2007

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Arthur Andronas, 14th Annual Building Maintenance Conference,
Soffitel Hotel Melbourne, September 2006.

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Arthur Andronas, Synergy, Music, Text & Space Conference,
New Norcia, Western Australia, May 2006.

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Deakin University, March 2006

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Newman College, 24 February 1996.

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Ormond College Parkville, October 1997.